Acrylic Lift Protection

  • Location: Lifts in commercial and residential properties
  • 4 Sides of the Lift, Removable handrail cover, Floor


1. Modular Design

Parts are designed to be assemble and disassemble easily for repeated use. No fixing screw is required

2. Quality Reassurance

We use high quality acrylic sheet imported from Taiwan for production due to its durability and high light transmittance

3. Safety

All edges and corners are polished to avoid causing any injuries

4. Custom Made

All parts are designed and fabricated based on custom dimensions. Protection can cover handrail, floor and cut-out can be made for buttons and Use Permit (Lift)

Note for Quotation

Please provide photos of the lift interior, dimensions of the lift (width, length and height), construction details of the lift (cut-outs for buttons, handrail), drawing (if any) for quotation. 

We will advise the best possible solutions for your case and site visit will be arranged before the production if necessary


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