Acrylic Sign Letters


Acrylic letter is widely used for signboard letter (business name and logo) and it looks great both near and afar

Acrylic letters are custom cut from a cast acrylic sheet by laser cutting machine to provide exact precision and a high-quality look with polished edges, which is perfect for both indoor and out door application

Apart from choosing from standard pigmented colors, you can custom the paint colours with Pantone provided

There are various of thickness can be choose from: 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm etc


1. Durable, UV resistant, easy to maintain and looks great for years

2. Lightweight but stronger and tougher than glass

3. Style versatility: Standard pigment colours and paint with custom Pantone colours, we also offer crystal acrylic letter option.

4. Affordable especially when compared to metal and steel

5. Easy Installation: Plain mount (adhesive or double-sided tape) and stud mount


1. Vector format (AI, CDR, DXF) of logo/text is necessary

2. Height and Thickness of logo/text is necessary

3. Material selections: #304/#316 Stainless Steel

4. Metal colours (Anodising/Paint) and Surface treatment (Polished/ Matte)

5. Types of mounting: Plain Mount, Stud Mount

5. Details of installation will  be determined based on the environment and required installed height and locations

6. Confirmation of installation 

Required working days: 10-15 days

Acrylic Letters

Provide a variety of standard pigment colours, surface finishing (matte/glossy), neon colours, metal colours, mirror acrylic etc.

Frosty or Crystal bottom option is available

Painted Acrylic Letters

Precise and sharp look for business name and logo for both indoor and outdoor

Custom Pantone colours for paint

Made in HK, Installation service available

Acrylic Letters (Crystal Bottom) Lightbox

Acrylic Illuminated LED Letters

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